redit sports nfl betting against the spread sport = nfl If you take the spread at each side, and you go 50% on your bets, you are. Im curious since I am new on this subreddit, I have been gambling for the year I won with Ohio state, and Oregon covering against FSU and Winston. . you thinking Vegas is systematically fixing NBA/ NFL /MLB outcomes is you .. but you are talking purely sports sides and not spread sides, Oregon was. If you want to discuss your individual parlay/ bet, individual games or props then /r /sportsbookextra is what you are looking for. NFL The r/sportsbook NFL Genius Pick Week 3 (theballisflat.infobook) SOCCERSoccer Daily - 9/23/17 (Saturday) (self. sportsbook) Is there an edge to betting on this opposed to the spread or ML?.

Redit sports nfl betting against the spread - betting website

I think I could have similar success if I had the nerve to throw ten grand on the Pacers ML tonight. Already have an account? I'm guessing you're not in America since you referenced paying taxes in another question, I made a run once doing that with NBA games but not like this and then lost two big ones that wiped out the 2k I had at the time. Then drop the grand theories, start contributing to the dailies, and let's try to spot some value. Click here to join our Discord chat Desktop, iOS, and Android apps available! You have to watch out with NBA. List of sportsbooks that accept US accounts with previous discussions about those books linked.


Week 2 NFL Picks, Survivor and Best Bets w/ Cam Stewart sport = nfl If you take the spread at each side, and you go 50% on your bets, you are. Also won't bet against great teams to not cover, I would have won some . Between them and Football Outsiders you'll have every stat you could dream of. can someone show us where to find the predictions on spreads?. One of the recurring features on Reddit is IAmA where people post about their interesting job or accomplishments or circumstances. The bulk of my income over the last decade has been sports betting, His answer: NFL. redit sports nfl betting against the spread


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